About Us

About Us

SPARE Project has been implementing in the Republic of Moldova by “Gutta Club” the Republican Youth Center since the year 2002.
Throughout this period 300 public and  vocational schools of the Republic of Moldova   and Pridnestrovie went through various seminars organized  by the SPARE project. Nowadays 350 teachers and 8000 school students are involved in the program. Numerous SPARE school students continue as a proponents of energy saving and energy efficient technologies by taking the lead at their institutes and workplaces . They share with local communities own experience on energy saving technologies  and working with local governments to introduce  alternative energy resource for improving living conditions  of  local population  and to have economic benefits through energy savings and sustainable use of natural and energy resources. 

Moldova as a member of SPARE International network is actively involved in regional partnership and cooperates with Ukraine and other SPARE Program participant countries.

Gutta-Club the youth center and  umbrella organization,  fostering young generation with ecological vision takes a lead to have involved, each year,  more and more school students and ecoclubs in various events and campaigns  marked in  the environmental calendar such as:  “Earth Hour Day “ “Car Free Day”,  “International Energy Saving Day”,  “Erath Day”. Within the SPARE program Gutta Club systematically   joins “EU Sustainable Energy Week”,  and  pays a  special  attention  to the “International Day of Climate Action”.



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11 november
The Day of Energy Saving